Recommendations for New Bookshelf Speakers & Amplifier

Feb 14, 2018
Hi all,

Been looking at improving my audio setup for my desk/pc/tv station, I'm a bit of a newcomer to audio so I don't really know what i'm doing. But after doing some research i am considering the Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers. Does anyone have any other suggestions for bookshelf speakers under £300?

Also i believe i'll need an amplifier for these speakers so what do people recommend for this? Preferably not one which will break the bank and one which is fairly small in size as it needs to go on my desk.

Apologies for the barrage of questions but will it also be a problem to use the same speakers for both my PC and TV? will I have to change the input each time i want to use either?



You will be connecting them to a computer and a TV as separate things? Then you need to change inputs on the receiver you have connected to the speakers. Is your TV connected to the computer as a monitor? You may want to explain the setup a bit better. For 300 you can get a decent set of speakers for both a TV and the computer. I like using a soundbar for a TV if you don't need surround sound and a powered monitor speaker for a computer, if they are in different areas.
You need an integrated amp or AV receiver.
If your TV has a headphone or analog audio output then you can use any integrated amp with at least two analog inputs.
If your TV only has digital audio out you will need a DAC to convert it to analog. You can use an external one. Some have a USB input so it can improve the sound of your PC too.
An AV receiver will have the DAC built in. Some integrated amps will have one built in but not all.

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