Recording Techniques used on King's Choir

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"SSJVCmag" <> wrote in message
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> g99ce.137404$, "Paul Stamler"
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> > One more idea to throw into the pot: Tony Faulkner's "phased array"
> > Two Figure-8 mics, both pointed forward, separated by a small
distance --
> > 12"? 18"? I don't remember exactly. He claimed that it gave better
> > and focus from greater distances. That first, famous Hildegard of Bingen
> > recording ("A Feather on the Breath of God", on Hyperion) used this
> > technique. I must say I liked the sound.
> 'phased array' ?
> Was there some sort of odd matrix/combining thing going on or just 'a
> mics in the air"?

Just a coupla mics in the air, aimed parallel to one another. I wouldn't
expect the technique to sound good, really, but Tony's recordings sure do.

> I can certainly see a pair of 8's if you really diin't like the room and
> needed the reach, but the spacing-vs-distance-vs-source-width would be
> pretty dang important.