Question Recovery of fone after shutdown & restart caused Random factory reset on j7 Crown

Jun 16, 2019
Fone Factory resets itself during hard powerdown/restart... no menu no warning no options to cancel or restart.... WTF SAMSUNG!!?? I TRIED TO POWER DOWN & RESTART (in "god-mode" to access the "wipe cache" option from the bootloader menu) USING THE HARDWARE KEYS ON MY TOTAL WIRELESS J7 Crown.... I PRESSED & HELD UNTIL PHONE SHUT OFF.... I KEPT HOLDING THE KEYS N RELEASED THE POWER WHEN I SAW THE SAMSUNG ANDROID LOGO BUT KEPT HOLDING THE OTHER KEYS.... WAITING FOR THE BOOTLOADER MENU TO APPEAR... it took what i thought was a long time but i may have been a bit anxious n impatient... Then outta nowhere it says "erasing....." i freak n released the keys n sat there panickin while my fone unexpectedly decided to bypass bootloader menu n ERASE/FACTORY RESET MY WHOLE FONE & LIFE.... I couldnt stop it or object.... SUMONE PLZ HELP ME FIGURE OUT WTF HAPPENED WHO DROPPED THE BALL ME OR SAMSUNG OR IF IT COULDVE BEEN A USSD CODE INITIATED BY THE RESTART AND MOST IMPORTANTLY :: HOW OR WITH WHAT CAN I TRY TO BEGIN TRYING TO RESTORE/RECOVER EVERYTHING.... I have the paid version of Recuva n plan on trying it later but ANY LEGIT SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED GREATLY!!!
Please don't type so much in caps. It is considered yelling and rude.

It sounds like you hit the wrong keys the wrong way, and for the wrong amount of time, to resolve the problem you were having (which you didn't mention what prompted the attempt to restart it). That can happen. Additionally, that particular manufacturer is known to make things a bit more complex than the standard Android phone, so that likely played a part as well.

All that said, there is no way to fix it with the phone itself. Once wiped, it is wiped. The only way to get anything back on it is to have it stored somewhere else, which you said you did in the post. However, anything added to the phone after it was backed up would be gone.
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