Solved! Red Blue Gold (New Speaker Wire?)

Jan 19, 2019
Anyone know anything about this (apparently new?) speaker wire?

"Red, Blue, Gold"


Used on my headphones (the wire was cut and im attempting to repair it).

It seems to be fabric coated? (allowing the wires to touch one another without shorting out?)

I'm hoping to connect this wire to a standard "Red/Black" speaker wire (which already has a 1/4" tip connected to another end.)

I'm assuming this type of wire is somewhat new. I cannot find much information about it online.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Waldorf, MD
To clarify you are trying to repair a pair of headphones not connect actual speakers?
Headphone wire isn't the same as speaker wire, That would have separate left and right grounds. In most headphone wire two of the conductors are left and right plus, the other common left-right ground.
If you want to splice another wire to fix the headphones you will need one with a three conductor 1/4" plug (and a 3 or four conductor cable.)
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