Review RedMagic 8 Pro review: The first great gaming phone of 2023

Jan 16, 2023
Is it 100% confirmed that the 16/512gb model has the 6000mah battery and the 65w fast charging? In China two of these released, the Redmagic 8 Pro and 8 Pro Plus; the Pro had a 6000mah battery and only up to 12/256gb and 80w charging (now down to 65w globally), whereas the Pro Plus had only a 5000mah battery but up to 16/512gb and 165w charging (weird that the Plus had smaller battery size, but it was supposedly to accommodate the faster charging speed). I noticed in a video someone did Antutu was marking the 16/512gb model as the Pro+. The charging speed is less important, and I'd like to have the larger storage and more ram, but the 6000mah vs 5000mah battery would be most important to me. Would like to get some sort of verification that the 16/512gb model does actually have a 6000mah battery and isn't the Pro Plus with the 5000mah, if possible.