Question Reliable 2in1 laptop-tablets

Mar 13, 2019
I'm looking for a new daily driver and decided to look into the 2in1 market. It doesn't matter to me if the keyboard is convertible or detachable, but there are a few crucial aspects that I need to consider.
-Good pen functionality
-Quality keyboard
-Must last longer than 3 years (I cannot stress this enough, I can't stand laptops that become unusable after so little time)
-Finally, the possibility of doing some light gaming, photo editing, graphic design and basic programming.
After a long research I think I have found out that the "good brands" are Lenovo and Dell, however many said that both have their own crappy lineup. They alsoboth have an overwhelming amount of models and it makes the choice quite difficult. For now, I have been looking at the
-Lenovo Yoga C930
-Lenovo Thinkpad L390
-Dell XPS 13"
-Dell Latitude 7000 13"
-Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (will probably wait for the next gen)
These look fine to me but I'm worried I might come across the "black sheep" model and end up with something that gives up 2 years from now.
Any suggestion or tip is well appreciated. Thank you all in advance!


I don't know of any 2 in 1 that has a good keyboard, since they are all little thin portable things.
How long it lasts is a guess, in general Lenovo, ASUS and Apple have the best reliability. Dell should be in there also but I have had huge issues with their business models for last 3 generations so can't really recommend them now. Surface is pretty good, they last better than the Dell tablets we have, probably 4-1 ratio of issues between them, for every 4 Dell systems with issues, there is 1 MS Surface with an issue. Usually something with the touch screen.