Repairing headphones (at teh male plug end)


Sep 1, 2006
If you use headphones a lot, I'm sure you have warn out a pair or 2 (especially if you ride a bike, in my case, or skateboard, rollerblade, scooter, etc)

I have found that you can cut up the headphone plug and use the cut off end of the headphone wire to get contact with the plug and it will transmit sound, but this is not going to work because it needs to be left alone somehow (rubber band, tape)

Does anyone know of a way to repair headphones? Perhaps a male plug that allows you to cut the male end off of "broken" headphones and use them again?


Mar 17, 2006
Some Electronics Hobby Store sale replacement cord like the spring coiled style phone cord but use for professional head phones. Some headphones have those very thin wires and you just can’t cut and twist the wire together since it has multi coating. If you have the patients to scratch the coating (like the coating use on transformer wires) and also be very gentle because some uses very thin stranded wires even thinner than human hair. You also need a soldering iron that have variable temperature and use no more than 40 watts because you don’t want burn the jacket or the wire also the wires. And heat shrink tube to insulate. Tape is fine, maybe, but with all that trouble you need more permanent fix.

So if your head phone cord has red and white/black plastic jacket and not something like stranded wire wrapping another stranded wire then you’re in luck.

If you need just the male plug you can buy for maybe 1 dollar. not more than 5 dollars unless it’s has gold plating or/and better construction.