Replaced faulty MOBO to problems, any help is appreciated!


Oct 17, 2016
Hello! My HP Pavilion DV6 6c10us laptop suddenly crashed on me last week, to where I got nothing to happen on my screen, a blinking caps lock, and an orange wifi button, and I tried replacing the CPU to no avail. I then ordered a new MOBO off of eBay and the laptop can actually show something on screen now! But... there's a big problem.

I can't boot into Windows, and I know I have to reinstall it. My old MOBO said "Replace with HP SPARE AB740 665282-001." When I searched this on Google, the eBay selections at $40 roughly were about 90% of the results, so I bought one.

My bios says my computer is a HP Casablanca now, and shows the incorrect time. Looking deeper, it looks like the model no for the MOBO was initially for a HP DV6000, which is an older build.

I made a bootable Ubuntu disc so I can try to back up my files, and got a kernel panic error on two different versions. I also got a kernel panic error when I tried to make a recovery disc of the partition wizard tool. I get the same error when booting from USB. I cannot even get into safe mode or cmd prompt. I put a windows 7 disc into my machine so I can format and do a fresh install, but I got the error PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Is it possible this error is happening IF the MOBO is for the old model that onlt supports 2GB of ram? I used only a 2GB ram stick out of my 6GB and the memory test still failed.

Any advice or help? I just want my computer back...


My bios says my machine is a HP Casablanca H510. A very old machine.... how is this possible if the model numbers are the same for the motherboards? I found the model number on the MOBO from my machine and searched for a direct match... and this is what I get! Argghh