Replaced MB, wireless is disabled by a hardware switch


Sep 23, 2010
Yo, fowks! Here's the riddle:
Sometime ago I replaced the mobo on my HP Pavilion dv6-1359wm, which afterwards became 1350us by some reason. I used the correct replacement part stated on HP Partsurf site. Nonetheless everything worked, but wifi. First the bios didn't accept the card, so I've disabled the whitelist. System boots ok, everything seems to be working fine, but wireless is disabled by a hardware switch, which remains red (pressing the switch doesn't help)
Nor I can use an exernal dongle.
Now, two things - while assembling the laptop first time, I accidentally switched wifi antennas. It was taken care of. Next some boot logs show that the bios is broken (currently it's F.46), however I was getting this message before the replacement. Anywayz, any suggestion/ideas/solutions? Thanx in advance.

Update: Today I came up with an idea, that simply wifi antennas can be broken. The laptop behaves the same with/without the antennas. The BIOS doesn't show an error, OS device manager shows the card is fine. And no wireless network found only in case either broken card or inability to receive the signal. Since the card is fine, there's only the seconde choice left... Anyways, it's only the conclusion, and I have to obtain new cables to check it. BTW, there's still a question why external dongle is disabled...

Update: The issue is solved. The source of an evil is the whitelist, which some manufacturers patch the bios with. To workaround the problem you either have to modify the bios (remove the whitelist or include you model in it) or buy a compatible hardware. In my case the bios mod did the trick.
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