Question Reversed directional audio when gaming.

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Jan 10, 2020
I'm really having trouble this with problem. Not only is there almost nothing on the net about this very rare problem, nobody seems to know the solution.

Basically, anything outside a game, such as Youtube or Facebook videos work perfectly on my headset. There's no issues whatsoever.

However, when I go into any game, say Left 4 Dead 2 or Call of Duty, the left/right directional sound is completely reversed. Like hearing sounds from the right meanings they'll come from the left and vice versa.

I've had this issue for the past couple of issues. Here's what I've done.

. Bought a new headset. The Hyper X Cloud Alpha. My previous one was the Hyper X Cloud II. At the time I thought it was the Cloud II having an issue, but I was wrong.

.New Motherboard, RAM, CPU, Graphics card, New Hard drive. I bought these merely for an upgrade to my old one, but the old parts also had this issue.

.Reinstalled Windows 10 with a blank slate

.Removed all audio drivers from device manager, all this did was made sure Windows 10 couldn't load up anymore, hence why I opted to just reinstall Windows.

.Turned spacial sound on and off, messed around with 7.1, 5.1, Quadraphonic, Stereo...

I mean the only solution I can find is to reverse my headset and then hey! It works perfectly in gaming. B-but now my microphone will be behind me and... outside of gaming the audio is now reversed.
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I also have this problem.. tried reinstalling windows 10 and the audio drivers and it also didnt work. the only thing that helped was downloading equalizer apo but i cant use razer THX spatial audio with it.
does anyone have a solution for this?

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