Question right speaker sounds very different than the left one

Jun 11, 2019
I have a new genius 2.0 stereo but right speaker has deeper tone sounds stuffed has more bass and simply sounds less clear than the left one and also has a delay about 1s is there any software that would allow me to edit only right channel?
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Jun 11, 2019
sorry for late answer its genius sp-hf1250b it happens when i play fps game and when i watch movies i dont hear it when the sound is balanced but when i play sound in right speaker and then in the left one you can definitelly tell the difference sorry for my bad english
replace the cable from the PC to the speakers

try 3.5" from PC to thw speaker´s RCA ports
if this is the same as the input 3.5" of the speaker´s, there should be a problem with the speakers
if you plug it into a phone or other device, does it sound similar?
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