router modem set up for time warner cable


Nov 6, 2015
I live in an apartment building. The HOA pays for cable TV.
I want to order TWC every day low price internet. I bought a used modem and a used router. I am trying to figure out how I would connect everything. my house has only one plug in the wall for a coaxial cable, and the tv is connected to that. The modem has only one port for a coaxial cable, it doesn't have TV out.

so I am trying to figure out how I would connect both the TV and the modem to the same plug. I am guessing the answer is a splitter, but I wanted to make sure.

1) is the answer a splitter?
2) do I just disconnect the cable from the back of the TV, connect that end to the IN side of the splitter, and then connect one OUT to the tv and the other OUT to the modem?
3) I see there are a lot of different splitters out there. What kind do I need? what numbers should I be looking for to make sure I order the right one, like MHz GHz or ??