Solved! Samsung 7 series TV to regular stereo speakers, turns out this is the hardest thing ever.

Nov 27, 2018
So I got a Samsung 7 series 55 inch TV for black Friday. It has no regular audio out jacks, only optical out. So, I got an optical cable and I have an old receiver. (Onkyo HT-R530)

No HDMI or anything on this receiver, just a bunch of inputs. I don't have any speakers for it, but I have a set of Logitech speakers with RCA inputs. I've got the TV going into the optical in of the receiver, but I'm not sure where I should put the RCA going to the speakers.

I realize I'll probably need a regular dedicated optical to analog RCA converter, but I was just hoping there'd be a way I could make this work. Any ideas?

TV- Samsung NU7100
Receiver - Onkyo HT-R530
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