Question Samsung BluRay UBD-M9500 problems with Vudu App

Apr 15, 2020
In the last few days I have been unable to use the Vudu app on my Samsung BluRay. All other apps work just fine but every time I access Vudu, a message pops up:

NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED, or NETWORK DISABLED. Details Please consult your device's user manual for detailed network configuration instructions.
More Info: Hardware ID: SAMB_KANTM_BD_UHDP:K2OV6KJYFKQGL Device ID: N.A. , SW Build #: 6.1.22 (237377)

I have worked with Samsung and that was a waste of my time. I've reset the bluray back to it's original settings, nada.

Can anyone offer any insight?? It's driving me insane.
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