Review Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review

Apr 29, 2022
I have had the Buds Pro for about a month.

The Good:
The Active Noise Cancelling is great. I wear and listen to music while mowing on my noisy 54" garden tractor.
They are my go to ANC headset that I use now, replacing my ANC Sony headset WH-CH700N.

The Fair:
The battery life in phone mode (talking,listening ) is fair and I get about 4 hours.
They do not last all day, so I use one at a time and switch while re-charging the other.
Oct 23, 2021
I got a pair of these as a promo when I bought my S21 from Samsung. They're OK for use around the house, but given there's no way to tether them, when one of them (inevitably) falls out of your ear while riding the bus, you're likely to lose it. The first day I wore these, I went to the car wash and yep, one fell out into the engine compartment while drying the car. I was lucky that a couple of quick stop/starts of the car shook it loose onto the ground.

The sound is good for a bluetooth connection, but for commuting, you'll need to drag your case and charger along due to short battery life. That's a lot of fussing for very little (if any) value add over a headphone jack and wired headphones that are attached to you whilst moving around. Pairing them with my laptop was a chore that required online support from Samsung. I had to pair them with the phone, download the Samsung Wear app, run the app, reset the earbuds to defaults. Then the buds showed up on my laptop pairing screen so I could connect.

I've only sampled other wireless buds, and these compare favorably. But the whole concept of the high-expense and hassle factor of yet another thing to keep charging, searching for a dropped bud etc. just makes me more angry that most Smart phones no longer have headphone jacks.