Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. iPhone 15 — what we know so far


Sep 22, 2017
Is someone writing jibber-jabber to meet this month's writing quota? It's pointless to speculate, especially without any real world scenarios used in the comparison/evaluation.

What we do know is Apple will continue to lag behind Samsung in regard to picture quality, albeit in Apple's defence, their images look more life-like or realistic than Samsung. Historically, unless you're taking night or low-light pics, even the most inexpensive phones do well.

Where Apple is superior is taking video. That's why social media creators including the Kardashians all use an iPhone for this purpose. For low light, you can't beat Android flagships like Samsung Galaxy and even the Pixel 7. Unfortunately, that's really all the Pixel is good at it. You get what you pay for with the Pixel and arguably even less: tiny almost useless speakers, a horrible camera lens layout, lack of accessories (cases) and more.

We can also be certain that fingerprint ID has come a long way that even the Pixel 7 Pro does a good job here. But Apple won't bring it back, likely never. Despite Face ID being impressive with Apple, it's still not as fast or quick when making NFC or mobile payments. I suppose one can assume that most iPhone users have an iPhone watch and use that for mobile payments.

Anyway, Tom's Guide used to be a go-to place for great information. Now, it's pretty close to being on-par to sleazy clickbait websites like Forbes.