Samsung Galaxy S7 "Turn Screen Overlay on" Notification won't go away

Mar 17, 2018
Nowhere can I find the answer for this issue! I figured out how to keep apps from "appearing on top" of other apps, but now every time I receive a text message, my phone sends me a notification that appears over anything else I'm doing. The message reads

"Unable to view message:
Messages is not currently allowed to appear on top of other apps you are using. New messages will not be shown in pop-ups, even if Pop-up display is turned on. To change this, go to SETTINGS > Applications > More options button > Special access > Apps that can appear on top, then select Messages."

The whole purpose of disabling screen overlay is so that I won't be interrupted while using other applications on my phone. This notification that the Galaxy/Android system gives me is extremely irritating and defeats the whole purpose of disabling app overlay. Please help me if you can!