Samsung Laptop Wifi Adapter problem


Sep 8, 2015
I have a samsung laptop(NP350E5C-S01N) preinstalled with Windows 8. I had gradually upgraded to Windows 8.1 with Time and Eventually to Windows 10.

On My Laptop I used a wired connection for Internet connection and with inbuilt wifi( Atheros AR9485WB-EG) i share this to other devices. This was working fine with Windows 8.1 and for few Hours on Windows 10 too.

Dont know what happened but my Wifi Adapter seems to stop working. In Device Manager it was displayed as hidden Device. I tried everything but it remained hidden(Not Disabled but Hidden).
I uninstalled it and tried to install new drivers but to no vain.
Eventually i shifted to Reset Windows option and it reset my Laptop to windows 8.

For few hours it displayed my wifi adapter and it worked correctly. But again same thing happened. I again reset my laptop. It comes to Windows 8 fresh state again but Wifi Problem remained.

I have tried : Reinstalling drivers, uninstalling Wifi Adaptor with deleting drivers but nothing can solve my problem.

Please help.