Question SAMSUNG QLED QE55Q60RATXXC subtitles remain displayed

Aug 29, 2022
Hello, (Sorry for translation, i'm french...)

I'm posting this because for a few days now, when I plug my hard drive into my TV to watch my movies / series that are on it, the subtitles remain displayed and don't go away if no other character speaks.

Let me explain in a bit more detail:

I plug in my hard drive, I launch the film/series in question.
The film starts, I choose (via the player options) to put the film on the ENGLISH audio track as usual, then I put the FRENCH subtitles.
So far nothing strange will tell me.
But then that's the whole problem.

My film starts as it should, the dialogues are in English OK, the subtitles work OK.....
Except they don't disappear anymore! Example, a character speaks, the subtitles are there, normal, then remain displayed ALL THE TIME as long as no one else speaks to replace them and remain on the screen again ALL THE TIME...

Basically all the moments without words are accompanied by the last dialogues subtitled...

I had never had this problem until now. The subtitles normally started when the actors stopped speaking and then came back at the right time, and so on...
I reset all the settings of my TV nothing helps, I'm disappointed....
The TV is up to date too.
home -> Settings -> General Accessibility > Subtitle Settings
● Subtitle Turns on or off the subtitle.
● Subtitle Mode Sets the subtitle mode. -> eventually is this the culprit
● Subtitle Language Sets the subtitle language.

is this on every movie you have?
does it happen while watching other sources as well? like over the internet or other apps?
try a different video player app from the samsung app store

Is version 1401.0 installed on the TV?

reset the player app

reset the TV to factory defaults and try again
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Aug 29, 2022
Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately these options are not available... They are deactivated by default and impossible to modify, the option blocked.

Every movie, series episode on my hard drive only.
On TV (Netflix, Amazon Video...) i don't have this problem, everything works correctly.

Is version 1401.0 Yes, just after reset TV to factory defaults, still same problem