Samsung RV511 Doesn't Boot


Dec 31, 2012
The other day, I discovered that my Samsung RV511 wouldn't turn on. Any pressing on the power button resulted in absolutely nothing. I disassembled the laptop, and determined that it just needed a small power button tweaking. After fixing the power button, I made sure that the laptop still booted up. Everything came up fine. I then proceeded to power down the laptop and put everything back together. Once I got the main case back on, I powered it up and tested it again. Once again, everything was working. With the laptop still powered on, I snapped on the cover that goes over the RAM and hard drive. The computer suddenly stopped displaying anything on the screen. When I turn it on, it still makes all the normal noises of starting up, but nothing comes on the screen at all. I tried an external monitor, and it doesn't display anything either. I've tried switching the RAM to the other slot to no avail. I don't have any other RAM to test it with. If anybody can provide some insight into this, I would be very grateful. I just really hope that it is not the motherboard.


Apr 26, 2012
Sounds like you've damaged the graphics chip on the motherboard if neither internal or external screen works.. This generally means a new motherboard.