Samsung Smart TV Network Connection Issue UN60ES8000

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Feb 4, 2016
i have model un40eh5300 its about 3 years old and was working fine till last week but this week its been hell everyday it needs an up date and if I turn it off it wont work for like 20 minutes I have the same router for the past 2 years I tried a wired connection and still same issue how can we get together and sue the sheet out of sasumg for giving us defective units I have talked ppl in the past into buying Samsung smart tvs cuz I loved mine but now its just a joke thank got for my xbox one that has Netflix otherwise I would be even more furious but my son doesn't know how to work the xbox and he recently learned how to work Netflix on the tv I hate this issue in so many ways


Feb 6, 2016
Hey guys, so basically I've just fixed this, very easily after searching for ages.

If it works for you, just remember me for your xmas present list ;)

1. Put TV in standby mode
2. Press, info, menu, mute, power
3. 'Control', 'Sub Option', 'WIFI Region', Choose 'A'
Go back
4. SVC, SVC Reset



Mar 8, 2016
Well I've just completed reading this thread end to and and have found it very helpful.

I have a month old UE40JU6000, which has been working perfectly fine. Two days ago I completed a software upgrade, since then I have not been able to connect to any form of wireless device. It's like the latest software update hasnt been coded to control the wireless network adapter inside the TV. Done loads of network tests and even bought a network extender, all of which is working as have tested in on tablets, mobiles and my laptop - but still nothing on the tv.

So, I completed a factory reset which went back to the old firmware and surprise surprise, the wireless network card is controlled and switched on again and both the usual wifi network and the new 'extended network' both came up in my available network list.

Completed the set-up and the Tv is back to normal - so suggest if anyone else gets this issue to try and factory re-set first before you waste time in trying other solutions.

And as for Samsung... wtf ! Test, test and test your updates before you release them to users - poor show indeed!
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