Samsung Sound Bar no audio from Samsung TV with bluetooth adapter


Sep 16, 2017
I have tried to use a Samsung HW-JM25 sound bar with a Samsung series 4000 Tv and it will work hard wired with Toslink cable. Using a ToaTronics bluetooth adapter, it appears to pair up but no audio comes through. The Tv does not have Sound Connect(Sound Share) but the sound bar has that feature. The sound bar will pair up and work with my iPad.
If the BT transmitter is connected to a headphone jack make sure that it's active by connecting headphones.
If it isn't check the TV menu or manual on how to turn it on.
No reason to use BT. The toslink connection is superior and the soundbar has to be right at the TV anyway.
Feb 13, 2018

I have the same issue. While it would be ideal to plug the optical cable directly into the television (Samsung Plasma 5Series), which I do for use with dvd, firestick, gaming concole etc., the sound from my directv genie is truly superior running directly to the soundbar (Samsung HW-550).

Here in lies the problem-constantly having to physically remove the opti cable from the DirectV Genie, and plug into the tv. This particular plasma tv only provides (2) hdmi and rca connections, both of which are input only. The only audio out option is an hdmi support for a soundbar.

Using a MEE Audio Universal Dual Bluetooth Adaptor, the sound bar states "Paired" yet there is no sound. The bluetooth adaptor and soundbar appear to be compatible(?)


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