Samsung TV and Roku Streaming Stick - TV does not detect input but displays image

Sep 7, 2018
So, this is the weirdest thing that I have witnessed and I have tried a lot of different things but nothing so far has worked.

My 32" Samsung TV (Model UN32EH4003F) has been saying that nothing is plugged in recently when trying to view my Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600X) that I have had in there for years now. The weird thing is that an image is still displayed on the screen (I have to plug something else in so that the TV "detects" it so I can switch to that HDMI input, but when I switch back to the Roku it still works). It just displays a No Signal message on the TV and it is rather annoying. The TV does work fine with other HDMI inputs, and other TVs work fine with the Roku Stick. When I initially insert the Roku stick, the No Signal message goes away and I get a clear picture, but shortly thereafter the no signal message appears again over the roku display. I have tried resetting both the Roku and Samsung and it is still happening. Also have tried changing the resolution settings in the Roku to no avail. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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