Samsung tv has sound but no picture

Aug 22, 2018
Hello. My tv is a Samsung UE32F6200. Have had it about 2 months but it was purchased as a used item. Was on, connected to a decoder and working fine when all of a sudden the picture went off. Could still hear the audio from the cable box or from menu inputs. Unplugged it then turned it back on but issue remains. When it's plugged in but turned off with the remote, the stand by light is on and red. When I turn it on with the remote, the light blinks about 5 times and then stays off but no picture comes up. It is on though cos if I make menu inputs, I can faintly see the menu options from my room light falling on the tv. I can hear the audio of menu selections too. If I turn it off with the remote, the red standby light stays on again. Another tv connected to the same decoder is working well with sound and audio. Please do you know what might be wrong with my tv? I generally leave it plugged although turned off with the remote when not in use.
Aug 22, 2018

Uh. Didn't think I'd have to deal with issues from this tv so soon. Will have to contact a repairman I guess. Thanks a lot for the help.
Tell me though, did my leaving it plugged in most of the time have anything to do with this?
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