Solved! Samsung TV optical digital audio to analog Technics receiver

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Mar 22, 2019
I have an old Technics analog receiver which I used for audio from my old Samsung TV. I used analog red/white cables to the Tape Input jacks. I have in wall speakers which we used for movies etc. and regular music. I recently bought a new Samsung smart TV which has optical audio output. I bought an optical/analog converter (recommended by tv salesperson) and connected it to the Technics Receiver. However, I now get buzzing interference when I connect to Netflix, Prime Video or HBOGO movies. I don't get any buzzing interference when streaming Pandora music or anime through the VRV app. I can access these services either through my Roku or directly through the TV.
I actually took the optical/analog converter box and connectors back to the store and exchange them, but the buzzing continues. I've tried some other analog cable connected betweent eh converter box and receiver to see if that was the problem. Same buzzing.
I was wondering if services like Netlfix, Prime Video and HBOGO have some sort of audio signal or something else that is causing the buzzing interference. HELP!!! At wits end.
Do you use a power strip? Plug in the TV into the wall, as well as the converter.

Did you try a different optical cable?

Is the firmware of the TV up to date?
All apps up to date on the TV?
Try adjusting the settings for optical audio if available on this Samsung TV.
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