Samsung un50h5203af issue. Already half diagnosed. Need ideas.


May 4, 2016
Hey. This is my first post here and am looking for some additional information. My one year and one month old Samsung un50h5203af has recently lost it's image. Still have sound and backlights, so i'm already leaning towards TCON board. I don't get any faint image when using a flashlight on the screen. I decided that since my warranty was up by a month that I would diagnose it myself. Just from information I found from the internet, I ordered a used (from a working TV with broken screen) TCON board with matching part numbers. After installing the board, I still have the same issue. I tried to further diagnose by disconnecting one ribbon cable from the TCON to the screen at a time. I can say that with one ribbon cable connected to the screen, I can get a perfect image on whichever side of the screen I have connected, with access to the menu and all it's functions, so I assume I can rule out a bad screen. I have also checked the caps on the PSU for any visible damage. None found. This is as far as I am right now. It still seems to me like it could be a TCON issue, but the one I ordered matched and was said to be from a working TV. Why would I be able to get half an image at a time, but not the full image at the same time? Any help you guys can provide would be great.