Saving Voom From Impending Doom



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On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 01:02:18 GMT, Diane Sherwin
<> wrote:

>Here's a great opinion piece for you guys to read. It's how to save Voom,
>and suggestions on how they can build up an identity.

1: They sold their sky assets to Echostar already.

2: They have a DVR in the works, although not TiVo.
2a: They are not a hardware company, they rely on Motorola to design
and build hardware., and with ony 26 to 40 K subscribers, it would be
hard to make Motorola budge (it is even hard enough to get a DVR for
Starchoice, which has 800K+ subs).

3: I'd go this way, as a premium quality provider, where the other
providers try to carry more channels and an expence to quality, Voom
should carry less channels, at higher quality, and choose those where
the quality would provide value, and to a certain degree, market
thmselves as an adjuct to an existing DBS service,
or get located to G3r or G11 Ku, and twin with G4r, and use the HITS
channels for the run of the mill cable stuff.

4:The only way they could economically do HDTV over satellite is to
work with DirecTV or Dishnetwork on their Ka band MPEG4 spotbeamed
locals. Otherwise, I think receiving the local antenna is the way to

5: They should allow self installs, and open sale and authorisation of
used receivers.