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  1. Y

    Lcd shadow

    Hello, i have lcd tv with shadows on the screen,what could couse it ?
  2. M

    I need 40 4dtv DSR 920 units

    I need to buy 40 GENERAL INSTRUMENT or MOTOROLA 4DTV DSR-920 SATELLITE RECEIVER . Do you have an idea where I can Find these? marlongomez10@yahoo.com
  3. H

    Tv hdmi set up questions

    Hello Can anyone help please? Trying to understand number of input and outputs required from an hdmi splitter to facilitate the following after new sky hd plus box due to be instatalled on 3.5 Main frontroom tv samsung 7000 hd 3d Samsung blu ray dvd player Ortis soundbar with front room tv Lg tv...
  4. C

    General instrument 4dtv Model 920

    necesito unas cajas de este modelo 920, 905, 410 y quiero saber donde las puedo conseguir.
  5. J


    can some one tell me, if i get a adsl router is it possible to run 2 xboxs aswel as tv, at the moment i can only have 2 things conected to sky tv ?
  6. F

    Solved! How long before 4Dtv comes out

    how long before 4Dtv comes out. or 3Dtv. without useing glasses
  7. R

    4DTV how to connect two receivers to one dish

    How would I connect two 4DTV receivers to one dish to have two TV's working on one dish
  8. W

    Lg lcd tv problems blinking

    Hello, I have a 32" LCD LG tv the power button light is red when I press to switch the tv it starts to blink a weak green colour. I turn it on and off it keeps blinking and then about 10min later the tv switches on... if I leave it on overnight it turns itself off and the whole problem starts...
  9. G

    Changing digital tv screen size to work as pc monitor

    Hello, We've just bought an Acer Revo RL100 to hook up to our Sharp DTV. First snag is the main icons, tool bars, are all outside the view on the screen and cannot be seen. Clearly, the actual pixel surface extends behind the plastic facia of the TV. Does anyone have any solutions, please...
  10. S

    Troubleshooting an lcd television

    Hello,my LCD television was blown up because of a malfunctioned generator may be due to high voltage supply. what can i do to restore it.
  11. G

    Solved! Best surround system

    Hello, what is the best surround sound system to for current samsung 55c8000 tv?
  12. N


  13. R

    Two lnb one receiver

    how it connected tow Satellite Dish two lnb are same direction one lnb is 20% good signal both lnb is connected one receiver ???????
  14. Steve8217

    Cable Splitting with Sky Plus

    I have sky plus and have the usual 2 cables going into the box feed 1 and feed 2. I attempted to split the signal with a splitter box so it sky could be viewed in 2 more different rooms. We have spare boxes sitting around doing nothingso it seemed to make sense, I connected feed 2 to the input...
  15. D

    Solved! Used big dish digital receivers

    i have an older, large, mesh big dish, movable, analog c band. needs many parts replaced. have been searching for used parts and some new ones. i need to know before i invest any money, what parts to buy and what not to get ripped off on. my intent is fta, 4dtv, possibly internet. i do not...
  16. G

    Tv lamp resistance

    Hello, shouldv i get continuity checking a lcd tv lamp with a standard ohm meter
  17. A

    How can?

    how can download video http://movies.clipta.com http://clipta.com/shows
  18. C

    Extra Direct tv box???

    Not sure if this is the right catagory....I have Direct tv at my home. I have come upon an extra dish for my cabin. Can I set up the dish, get another receiver, and just take my smart card back and forth to use in both locations? If I can, do I need to have the same kind of box, or will any...
  19. B

    What is an SATA connection

    Hello, if i connect a SATA cable to my HD DVR then to my Laptop can I download my DVR'S content
  20. G

    Www cityassure com

    Hello, i have a tv that is giving problems from circuit city
  21. M

    DVR video capture to a PC

    I need to record a video clip from my DVR to my pc and then to DVD
  22. G


    If I have dish network do I have a atsc tuner.
  23. M

    4dtv 920

    what size dish to use for a 4dtv 920
  24. Q

    Lcd panel manufacturers

    Is SONY not a LCD Panel Manufacturer as well ?? What about Thoshiba too ??
  25. P

    Samsung lcd T V displays no siginal

    When I change channels or power off my Samsung LCD T.V.the display goes blank and says no signal.I press source button and get sound.I go to picture options and put into standard mode from dynamic.I adjust the contrast and get video.Change channels or turn off T.V.screen goes black,and no signal...
  26. G

    PBS thisoldhouse antenna ad

    looking for the antenna which mounts on your roof or chimney that allows U to get all the digital channels in our area,and some HD channels.There is a colored coded chart which shows the available channels in our area. It was advertised on PBS on this old house.
  27. H

    4dtv battery replacement?

    I have a G/I model 920 4dtv receiver which is currently working fine. But I would like to change the intermal bettery in it before I have trouble . Can I do it myself without loosing the memory? and where can I get instructions? and find the battery number and battery . Need help thanks
  28. J

    Recommend a Tv Tuner Pls ......

    hey guys ! can some one recommend a TV Tuner pls ? My aim is to install a TV tuner in my pc through a PCi slot and then use a Digital TV connection through a local provider. Is this Possible ? all input is welcomed thanks sry if this thread is not in the correct subsection
  29. D

    bold and beautiful

    The wild feed was on T5/IA5 Tp14 at 6 am gone for pass weeks Wife driving me nuts and one spoted it ?
  30. L

    PC TO TV for home theatre

    PC TO TV for home theatre you can enjoy the movies, musics, games, etc from internet on TV or home theatre with your family. Only useing a network cable, can transfer audio, video and return signal of remote control, which makes you enjoy entertainment with your family. Instantly insert and use...
  31. chaosgs

    This cant be legal!

    What can be done about these? Noobs.com and Morenoobs.com These are hacks which im sure they violate the rights of the company who makes them. Why doesn't anyone do something about it? If they suck at games they shouldn't play them not hack.
  32. T


    Sea Launch is now preparing for the launch of the Galaxy 16 communications satellite, in June. The 4,640 kg (10,229 lb) Loral 1300-series spacecraft will be the newest member of PanAmSat’s Galaxy HD neighborhood. As the replacement for Galaxy 4R, Galaxy 16 will reside at 99 degrees West...
  33. S

    Whats the difference between a DSR920 and DSR922

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I'm slowly getting into BUD and I would like to buy one or the other. If someone has I link that would be great also. TIA
  34. S

    Newbie 4DTV question

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Hi group I have a GI DSR920 receiver and a 10 foot dish I just picked up, do I need to subscribe it to get non pay channels, and if not is there a list of free channels that can be received.
  35. G

    NPS...All Circuits Are Busy

    Archived from groups: rec.video.satellite.tvro,alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Try calling NPS and you get a recording of "We're sorry, all circuits are busy now". "Will you please call again later?" I have been trying all day with no results. What is going on over at NPS?
  36. G

    KU- X4

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Never had Ku set up on my dish I have a 8 Foot Channel Master Fiberglass dish . Found a ku lnb That I was able to try, it has .9 db noise and 55db gain printed on the specs. but after I hooked it up on 4DTV and went to X4 I...
  37. G

    Rogers Cable - Need special key to open outside box

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Rogers Cable - Need special key to open outside box Does anyone know where I can get that special key to open my Rogers outdoor cable box? Any information would be appreciated. A picture of it would be great as well if possible. Dave
  38. G

    HDD200 MMAP Data Cable Pinout

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Does anyone have the pinout to make a Data cable from the DRS922 to th HDD200 9pin connector to 1/8" mini-stereo plug?? If not where to purchas one? Thanks Gary k0gx@comcast.net
  39. G

    EPG how long

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I finally got a download of the EPG earlier this week, and the listings have been there ever since. My question: When the EPG does download how many days download in one hit? Since I've had the EPG for 4 days now was that all from...
  40. J


    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Is anyone maintaing a CURRENT wild feed listing?
  41. G

    Where are the free music Ch that was on G0 Ch 820-864

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Where are the free music Ch that was on G0 Ch 820-864 I just got my c-band up and running again. I have the 4dtv and went to the free music networks that were on sat G0 channels 820 to 864. Now I dont seem to get them. My guide says...
  42. G

    Unmapped Channels

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I have been asked about getting unmapped digicipher channels on a 4DTV receiver. That question needs to be answered by someone that has been using the receiver longer than I have. The only channels that I receive are mapped. Is it...
  43. G

    For Sale: Chaparral Corotor II Plus Wideband Feedhorn with..

    Archived from groups: rec.video.satellite.tvro,alt.video.satellite.4dtv,alt.video.satellite.mpeg-dvb (More info?) My son is selling on eBay a Chaparral Corotor II Plus Wideband C & Ku Feed Horn that includes LNB's (LNB's were purchased separately). There is a day and a half left on the auction...
  44. G

    Great American Country

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Anyone know where GAC has gone?
  45. G

    How do I get to hidden menus on the 4dtv?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I have a question: How do I get to the "Adjust all Satellites" menu on my 4dtv? I can get to the other "hidden" menu contains "Reset to Factory Defaults" in the diagnostics. Any info would be appreciated.
  46. G

    How many 4DTV's in use out there?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I wonder how many 4DTV receivers are in use out there? And, how many 4DTV owners subscribe to the NPS Absolute digital Package? BTW, my actuator have quit and my satellite dealer have to order a new actuator.
  47. G

    DR. Dish Explains IPG Problem????

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Wouldn't be nice if Dr. Dish would tackle the IPG download problem in his weekly advice column in OnSat magazine? Many BUD owners subscribe to this magazine. Motorola needs to step forward and help these owners of 4DTV receivers with...
  48. G

    Contant IPG Failures

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Are others still have trouble loading the IPG? My IPG has been in trouble for over a week. The 905 is only doing a partial load and usually only 2 - 4 hrs. Then it may not load the program description. It takes 5 - 10 to minutes...
  49. G

    A&E going to Galaxy 7??

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) The August 1-7 Onsat states that A&E should be available on GB (Galaxy 7) at any time. I wonder if two channels will be operating at the same time. One being analog and the other being digicipher? Any one with information about the change?
  50. G

    Tracking down a channel

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I was doing some playing with my DSR 922 and ran across a channel that doesn't appear in Lyngsat. I reported it to them, but because of how I found the channel they replied back that they are unable to post it, that they need more...
  51. J

    Can I run a Bud and a pizza dish together?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) II love my Bud but I love watching what I want. If I need to get a pizza dish to get all the sports I want to watch, can I run it on the same coax as my Bud? I've had a Bud for 20+ years but I want to watch all the college games I...
  52. G

    GAC new location?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I just changed over my old GI2400R receiver for a 4dtv and got it all running. I see on C3-810 that GAC has changed satellites. Anyone know where it changed too? Cheers, Lawrence
  53. G

    Motorola 4DTV 922 Not Correctly Loading Guide

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I got a new guide download last night and, as expected, the IPG is still only showing 4 hours of programming ahead of the present time. Anyone experiencing the same problem with this model or other models? This problem has just...
  54. G

    905 Sidecar not loading Guide

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) For the last couple of days the guide does not update. Green light comes on and "processing your request" message appears, but no guide gets loaded. Anyone else having trouble with the guide? Is the guide temporarily out of...
  55. G


    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) Can I program the 922 to look at any satellite, any channel, or is it fixed to the menu that moto downloads? If I want to add on FTA mepeg 2, I just need a special switch, and then run the video from the 4dtv over to the mepeg 2...
  56. Z

    cband frequencies

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I'm trying to find a chart showing, on a cband receiver, what frequencies it's receiving for the various Ku band channels, 1-32. I've found a couple different sources of information, and they're all different. Even lyngsat shows...
  57. Y

    ID Change

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) can't receive downloads of digital channel tables. G1 3 Indicator light OK (DC) Reception OK digicipher identification ID changed for the 4dtv Hope someone can help
  58. G

    4DTV Life span!

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) I was wondering if its worth buying a 4DTV receiver these days or if it will be Obsulete in a short time? Bill
  59. G

    min size dish for guide/maps from G1

    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) What would be the smallest size dish I can use to get the maps/guide from G1? I'm only interested in X4, but I need to get the maps n stuff before I can pull it in (unless there's a manual way to map X4 in the 4dtv). Thanks! Dave
  60. G


    Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?) OK--I have the absolute digital package. I can get the digital transmissions on the other sats but not X-4. I am not even sure my system is recognizing X-4--do not see any signal strength numbers. I am right on top of G-4 and...