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My son is selling on eBay a Chaparral Corotor II Plus Wideband C & Ku Feed
Horn that includes LNB's (LNB's were purchased separately). There is a day
and a half left on the auction as I write this and it's only at $67.44
which is ridiculously low for what is essentially an almost brand new
feedhorn and two almost brand new LNB's. The auction is at

He bought all these items new last summer and they were only used a few
times (basically, one of the big reasons for setting up this system was to
try and get the Alaska stations so he'd have west coast feeds but it turned
out they were too far down in the trees from his yard, and there wasn't
much else he found that he couldn't get on his Dish Network system, AND his
wife really hated the big dish being in the front yard). So this feedhorn
really was barely used, essentially not much more than to see what the
system was capable of. On the satellites he could view without tree
interference, it worked extremely well on both C and Ku bands.

I should note that the feedhorn is wideband (so you could use it to pick up
wideband signals on some of the international birds) but the C and Ku LNB's
are the normal ones, and it works just fine as a replacement for a regular
C and Ku band feedhorn. He didn't tell me he was buying a wideband feedhorn
until he'd already done it and that's when I pointed out that with all the
trees around his place there was no way he was going to see any
international satellites from this part of Michigan. So after that he
didn't waste any money getting wideband LNB's, just the normal ones, but if
you were to put a wideband LNB on the feedhorn it would certainly work for
wideband reception. Note that although the picture in the ad shows the
feedhorn only, if you read down you will see that it does come with the

I suppose it's possible that if the bid amount doesn't go too high, someone
could make a little profit by buying it, taking off the LNB's, and selling
each LNB and the feedhorn separately. I remember that I paid about $100 for
a regular (not wideband) C/Ku feedhorn about three or four years ago which
was in far worse shape than the one my son is selling (let's put it this
way, you could definitely tell that the one I bought had been outside for a
few seasons).

The auction for the feedhorn and LNB's is at

P.S. This was up for sale once before but the high bidder reneged on the
deal. Please don't bid if you don't plan to follow through with the


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>He bought all these items new last summer and they were only used a few
One owner, little old lady with bad eyes, only used for religious
programmes on Sundays.
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