Fta & Mpeg Question


Mar 30, 2004
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I have a 10ft dish with a dual C\KU feedhorn and both Lnb's. hooked to a GI
920 4dtv receiver. I want to expand into FTA and Mpeg, what do I need to add
to my system to do this?
Will it be worth it?
Is there a web site that will show me what channels I will get from my
location here in Wisconsin?
I have gone to http://www.lyngsat.com/ but it just shows you all the fta
channels ,how will I know which ones I can receive?

I have had my B.U.D. up for about 5 years and just love it.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank You
Shawn M.


Archived from groups: alt.video.satellite.4dtv (More info?)

Lyngsat is a good source. You should be able to see satellites from
AMC7 to SBS6. At Lyngsat If it's colored yellow and it is DVB it is
viewable by an MPEG2/DVB receiver. Most listings there are accurate but
some (not many) aren't.

You will need 2 DC blocked splitters, a Diseqc switch or manual A/B
switch and an MPEG2/DVB receiver.

Unless you like depending on others to tell you what is on (like
Lyngsat) then you will want a "Blind Search" receiver and preferrably
one that passes or decodes AC3 since some channels have AC3 (Dolby 5.1)
sound. If you get one that passes AC3 then you have to have something
that decodes it. I can't tell which ones are AC3 by looking at Lyngsat.
You just have to find out.

Whether its worth it or not depends on what you want out of the system.
If you just like seeing what's on and dxing around you will probably
love it. If you want ethnic programming there are tons of it. There is
also some niche-type educational channels that are state and university
supported as well as some religious channels.

If you want to watch popular cable type channels you are probably going
to be disappointed.

Hope this helps.