Question Screen display alcatel "my flip" phone

Jun 29, 2019
Hope this in the right spot, I am new here. Just got the for mentioned fone as a cheap back up. With out using an aop, is there a way to have a min, text, data display on the home screen. Provider is tracfone. The O/S from what I read is KaIOS, android I think. Can one of you good folks help me out?? Thank you very much.
It isn't Android, and it actually isn't a smartphone. So while no this actually isn't the right place (per the forum) for the post, I know a bit about these phones. So...

Do you mean to have the display of items show on the home screen (where the wallpaper is) all the time? That isn't possible on these devices. The screen can only hold what is already programmed to it.

The screen should already show the time (including minutes) and date (including the day of the week). Texts are only seen once opened. You can't see them prior to that. Nor is there a way to make them auto open. However, when you have any new texts it does show an icon on the upper left of the screen. The same for missed calls or new voice mails.

There would be no way to display how many minutes of calls you have used or have left, the same goes for texts and data. You have to go into the settings to see how much min/texts/data has been used or is still available (if that is the kind of account you have with them, where you have limitations). You can try seeing if your carrier/service provider has the ability to get a text showing how much data has been used.
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