Screen flicker when gaming, video and more information in post - 3080 Ti FE & LG 34GN850-B monitor

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Nov 7, 2011
Sorry for the poor video quality, these issues don't show up when using Shadowplay to capture the screen, so I had to hold my GoPro in front of the screen to capture the issues. I've added a screenshot of the flicker after each time it happens so you can see it better. It's more noticable during gameplay, the camera didnt pick it up as bright as it is in real life.

I've been having these graphical issues since I got the 3080 ti Founders Edition at launch, although I got the LG 34gn850-b around the same time, so hard to know which is at fault. Things are fine in Windows 10, but has issues in some games. Mostly it is the flickers/flashes across the screen, these happen several times a minute. Less often, but still quite regularly, the screen just goes black for about 1 second. Sometimes it's worse, sometimes it's better. This footage is from about 10 minutes of gameplay in Sea of Thieves. The LG 34GN850-B is set to 160Hz and G-SYNC is enabled, the game is limited to 144Hz. I have purchased an upgraded DisplayPort cable as I read that it could be caused by the cable not being able to handle the data load, but that was a waste of money as it didn't help. I've tried limiting the game to lower FPS.

CPU: i7-8086K
Graphics Card: Nvidia 3080 Ti Founders Edition FE
RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB 3600Mhz
Motherboard: ASUS Maximus X Hero
Monitor: LG 34GN850-B

Is this a problem with the graphics card or the monitor?

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