Question Seagate Plus External Hard Drive 4TB Not Turning On All Of A Sudden

Aug 13, 2021
.. An external hard drive i had just reformatted all of a sudden isnt turning on, No matter which computer or port i plug it into. It has really important information on it, What do i do.
None of my USB-sticks ever had this problem, But now this thing acts this way. The light wont turn on, It doesnt need an extra power source but i dont hear the motor turn on.
I dont know who to turn to or what to do about it.

The Nug

Jun 22, 2021
You could try tapping it LIGHTLY on the floor once or twice. NOT TOO HARD OR YOU WILL DAMAGE THE RECORDING HEADS. I have had Seagate drive spindles stick due to dirt. I have used the above to bring them back long enough to get data off if them. But sounds toasted...also some larger drives have a sector with drive data for the BIOS, and a format could wipe that sector.