Sending my laptop for repair with downloaded films on it?


Jan 4, 2014
Hi All,

Just wanted some advice, My Laptop has died, wont boot up at all, just a black screen, powers on just nothing else, the thing i was wondering was i do have films i have downloaded that shall we say i haven't paid for ;) obviously i cant remove them before i sent the laptop as i cant get onto my laptop to do so, do things like that get reported? Am i likely to get in trouble for having them on there and should i maybe look at not sending it, or is there a way i can get too them and delete them beofre i send it? Any info is much appreciated!


Aug 31, 2013
I think there wouldn't be any problem as every company has a policy of not looking into customer's private stuff. Its a customer's privacy policy and they would be in its violation if they do anything like that. All the big companies service centers follow this policy. They are only meant to repair whats in their hand irrespective of what content it holds.


Jan 4, 2014
I had the same worries when I was about to send out my laptop to get fixed, I had a great deal of financial files saved on it.
I searched google trying to see if there was a way I could fix the laptop myself, Found a few sites that had instructions to follow but still did not feel conferrable doing so w/o some type of video/images to follow. Then I spoke with an old friend that sent me to a site where I could buy some cheap video course's on how to fix them myself, I spent the $45 at the time, and now can honestly say I feel safe fixing my own laptops. So no more being worried about people seeing saved files, and no more paying people to fix the issues! Heres a link if this is something you might want to look into

Best of luck!
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