Sennheiser HD 558 vs QPAD QH-85


Jul 15, 2016
Hi! I want to purchase a headphone that is good for listening to music and gaming as well. My current oprions are the these two headphones. Since they are open back ones, the should provide a wider soundstage with greater positional audio in games like Counter Strike. What are the differences between these headphones? I like the Sennheiser one a little bit more, but i don't want to invest in a Sound Card. I have the gigabyte H77-DS3H motherboard. Will the sound leakage go into my microphone? Please help me decide on which is the best option. Thanks for the anwers.
One of the best budget headphones vs a gaming brand, possibly second rate (possibly good, but too few reviews) headset? Get the HD558 and never look back!