Sennheiser Headphone Choice


Nov 2, 2010
Hey everybody! So with Christmas time approaching I've been compiling a list of possible gifts and one of my major choices is a good pair of headphones. I have always associated sennheiser with some of the best audio out there so I decided that my first pair of good headphones should be from sennheiser. After some research I have narrowed down my search to 3 models; the HD280 Pro, the HD448, and the HD428. I know a lot of the pros/cons of each and their different price points (80$, 69$, and 44$ respectively). I intend on using them to listen to music (obviously) and maybe even use them to dj as me and a friend recently purchased dj equipment. I would just like some opinions on the matter or suggestions. Thank you!


Headphones should cover the entire ear like a cup.
Headphones that press foam pads against the ear can be very painful after long periods of time. This is no joke, ouch.
The 280 pro is a good cup type headphone...
yeah, as guru said over-the-ear type headphones are typically much more comfortable than the other options available. they do make your ears sweat though so you might want to remove them every once in awhile to let air underneath.

i've never used a pair of sennheisers but i've heard they make some decent phones. personally i use audiotechnica ath-m50's which are a studio-headphone model.
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