Sharp Viewcam vl-ah50u - How can I connect it to a PC?

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Feb 19, 2008
Hi guys. I'm hoping someone in here can help me on this. I have an old Sharp Viewcam VL-AH50U, that uses to those Hi8 mini cassettes to record video. The video is all analog, and the Viewcam is old to the point that it doesn't connect to a PC directly. It has those old yellow and white connection cables that hook up to a TV, or a VCR. What I'm trying to do, is find out how/if I can connect this camera to a Windows based PC, so that I can both save all my old video's on my PC, but convert them to digital so I can burn them onto playable DVD's. Can anyone in here help me?

Some people mention using a Sony Digital8 camcorder as a bridge to a PC. That I could connect my Sharp Viewcam to a Digital8 camera, and it would automatically convert the footage to digital, as it loaded it onto my PC. That's great, but I don't know anyone that has a Sony digital8 camera. Some other research has mentioned the use of a Video Capture Card or Device. That would be ideal, but I wouldn't know which card or device would work best in my situation. In looking at the different ones, I've become a little lost. All help is appreciated.

Sharp Viewcam VL-AH50U

Cable used to connect to a TV or VCR.