Sherwood receiver


May 24, 2010
I did recently got a new Sherwood RX-4109 receiver from Radio Shack that was been used as a background music for the store but my question is that do you guys think that it is like new since no one has ever had it up and they said they never stressed the amp? Also I got it for $85 instead is $100 so they took of $15 of the original price.

Only thing I' am worried about is that will it last as long as new receiver? I know it comes with manufacture warranty for 2 years.


Jul 15, 2011

the cheap consumer electronics these days it is hard saying , it sounds like this unit has had a easy life . more importantly than playing easy or loud is what is connected to it , small bookshelf speakers don't pull a lot of power but bigger speakers or highly efficient speakers would tend to pull more current . any how heat and being contaminated with dust and debris are probably the biggest enemy of electronics . i might add , if you were to need warranty service you might find the limits of the warranty require you to send this to sherwood for repair and they may reqire you to pay shipping back to you. that being said it may cost you as much as you paid to purchase to get service under the warranty . my advice to you is buy from abetter place next time , play the piss out of this one if you are still able to return it to radioshack and do so if it fails . otherwise you may find that a manufactures warranty isn't really worth anything to people in the real world.
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