Shopping for new gaming headphones - real 5.1 preferred


Jul 10, 2010
I'm using Treyarch Madcatz real 5.1 headphones with detachable mic. I bought them at Fry's a long time ago. These are the Call of Duty Black Ops Edition, as it seemed they were the only true 5.1 setup on the shelves at the time (not a CoD player lol).

They are irritating my ears to the point I now have little sores on my ears from rubbing... I got RUGBURN on ma ears, peoples! This sucks in such a funny way. I have to replace these things. I already put the replacement pads on it that came with them, to no avail. This is a recent development. I have used them off and on for several years without any issues, and my ears have not grown recently, so IDK wtf my problem is here.

I'd be shopping on either newegg or amazon sites. I want or would prefer real 5.1 hardware versus simulated, with microphone. It's even better if the microphone is detachable.

What are you folks using and have found to be really comfortable?


Jan 17, 2013
it really depends on your budget but these are some of my favorites thus far (with comfort in mind):

< $100 USD => Steelseries Siberia V2:

$150-$200 => ATH-M50 or AD700:

+$300 => Beyerdynamic MMX 300:

lol at the ear rugburn..that's gotta be rough. these should not give you any of that at all haha. now, not all of these have surround sound, but let me tell you man - a good stereo model can, and often will, shart all over 'gaming varieties'. gamers are way too quick to dismiss stereo cans and look only for gaming headsets, which is a shame since 'gaming' models use gimmicky stuff.

a stereo headset with a really balanced soundstage / good build will do wonders. all im saying is you really want a hi-fi headset, you need to check out stereo models.

also the AD700 is prob gonna be the most comfortable of the lot. the earcups are like dinner plates lol. its awesome

Good luck and happy listening :)