Should I buy HP am101ne?why yes? Why not?


Apr 4, 2017
Hi everyone

Ppl say hp laptops quality is bad
is that true? Is that true about H
am101ne too?
Plz tell me the WHYs and WHY-NOTs of buying it
thank u in advance


HP's laptop's aren't all entirely bad. The brand in general isn't bad either though they do have the tendency to not offer much support drivers wise when migrating to latter OSes. The same argument can bee made for every other brand out there since there needs to be a reason for you to upgrade to latter tech.

If this is the laptop that you're looking at, it's not a bad unit. However if you're looking at gaming on that unit, then your results will vary to a degree depending on the titles you game on and the detail level.

Oddly enough to understand if it's a good or bad buy, we need to compare it to other units you have access to+we will also need to know what sort of duties the laptop will encounter during it's useful service life.