Should i buy the Xperia Z3 or the Xperia Z3 Compact?


Dec 20, 2013
I am buying a new smartphone and i have narrowed down my research to these two.

I have ruled out the Z5, due to the high price, and the Z3+ due to its overheating issues.

The Z5 compact and the Z3 are very close regarding price, here the Z5 compact is slightly more expensive. I do not mind about their size, but about their performance, battery life and camera. I have to admit that i am inclined towards the Z5 compact because it is newer, but i am not able to compare their specs.

For example the Z3 has 3GB of RAM and Z5C has 2GB of RAM. So am i paying more for something that it is less powerful?


Apr 20, 2012
Your title is about Z3 and Z3 compact and on the other hand your post is about Z3 and Z5 compact. I think title is typo and you want to decide between Z3 and Z5C.
Z3 have better display panel higher resolution 1080p and bigger size vs 720p of Z5C. I would like to tell you that both Z3+ and Z5C have same chipset(same CPU+ GPU) so temps of both device should be identical unless software is causing higher temps. The camera of Z5C is better than Z3. So in short:
Z3 have better display and more RAM(more multitasking), Z5C will give better performance in usage and gaming, it also have better cameras. It it depends what you give your preference too. Z5C is compact device more smaller than Z3. Ask yourself what you want, smaller or larger device. Z3 is not too large at 5.2".