Should i get intel hd 620 gtx 940m gtx 850m or radeon r6 laptop?


Jun 21, 2015
Hi so im looking for a budget gamming labtop under 500 on ebay so far i found these 4 which i think are good number 1 isa assus n550j it has a i7 4720hq and a gtx 850m 8gb ram 256gb ssd and 500gb hardrive there is also a lenovo with just a i7 7500u dualcore so looks bad and then i found this acer a bit over my budgety with a i5 7200u and a 940m dualcore i also found one with amd a10 8700p apu which one of these has the best graphics i plan on playing csgo minecraft overwatch at 900p and i do a bit of editing i think the 850m looks nice but i dont know if the 940m is better so what labtop do i buy if anyone can find a better labtop on ebay us for around 400 to 500 better that would be great anyways goodbye i really wanna join the pc masterace sick of my xbox would the 850m be able to get above 60fps on max csgo 900p?