Should I sell my laptop and purchase an ultrabook?


May 10, 2013
I'm heading into my second year of college and am considering selling my MBP 2012 for an ultrabook because I feel underwhelmed by the Mac OS compared to Windows 8 (yes, I like 8 better than Mac). If I sell my Mac I will have enough to purchase an ultrabook under $1000.

My needs are primarily academic; programming, schoolwork, as well as small photo editing and light gaming (aka League of Legends, nothing heavy).

Disk space is not an issue for me so as for ultrabooks I'm looking into SSDs (128+ GB), and touchscreen + Windows 8 are greatly preferred. Tablet-like functionality has interested me, too.

The two that I'm looking into is the Acer S7

and the Asus UX31A touch (can find some of these for cheaper than Best Buy's price)

but I'm open to suggestions.

Any advice?
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