Feb 11, 2014
Hello everyone.
I currently have an ASUS K55vm-SX086D.
My friend is looking to buy a laptop and he wants to buy mine second hand. Given that my sale price will be around the same as the laptop below, would it make sense to sell this one (it's over a year old now) and buy that?
This is the laptop in question.

My current laptop has an nVidia GT630M GPU. I'm thinking of switching only on the promise of higher GPU performance if I switch to AMD. Is this valid? The i7 is so powerful that I've never seen CPU usage hit max, except when I did some CFD in Solidworks.
What do you say? Is the A10 at least parallel to a Core i5? So many people here just forget AMD based laptop solutions exist.
I repeat; I'm looking for strong GPU performance that would reflect in games as well as CAD software (I'm part of a Formula SAE team). I don't mind if CAD performance doesn't stay the same as it does now - it might be too much to expect. But I don't want it to go all choppy while editing in Solidworks, either.
What say?
Below is a link to some graphic chips performance. I restricted the list of all graphic chips to 6 which includes chips that are faster / slower than the GT 630m and integrated Radeon HD 8650g. The left most column is the rank order and there is not much difference in the rank. The Radeon HD 8650g is ranked at #192 vs. #197 for the GT 630m.

I have not selected all the game benchmarks, but have select most of the 2013 titles and many 2012 titles. There are also a handful of 2011 and maybe a few 2010 titles as well.

However, I find the ranking a bit odd... if you scroll across and look the available benchmarks for the GT 630m and Radeon HD 8650g, the lower ranked GT 630m has higher benchmark results. Just focusing on the benchmark number themselves, I would not recommend trading in your laptop for a laptop with an AMD A10 APU.

NotebookCheck - Limited GPU List