Sims 4 product key used, even though it was new.


Jul 31, 2016
I had bought a copy of the Sims 4 on 6/17 (disc version) for PC, in a Gamestop (SWM Sand Lake Corner Orlando, FL). I live in Taiwan. So when I got home in Taiwan, at around 7/10 I tried to install it, there's a product key. I typed the product key provided in the install manual, but it says that the product key is already used. The case even has a "New" sticker on the front. So I asked EA customer service and they say that the product key is used before 6/17 and is still active. They also told me that to reflect to the retailers. After 2 emails and 1 phone call (international phone calls are very expensive), they gave me a new product key. After that I typed it in and it did not work. I ask EA customer service again and they say that the new code does not even follow the code format! I asked whether this problem would apply for the 90 days warranty from EA, and since the customer service person thought I bought a second handed copy, she said no. The 30 days refund/exchange date from Gamestop is already passed, but the extended warranty still applies. What is best for me? I do not want to buy another copy. I just want them to reissue a product key that works.