SLI not available after Driver update - 280M's in Alienware M17x


May 31, 2015
So I'm the sad owner of a Dell M17xR3 that hasn't had a driver update since 2010. I was managing with this for years and yesterday decided to use a modded nvidia driver (vs. 340.52) on my 280Ms.

Now, SLI is disabled and I can't seem to enable it....system is defaulting the to the integrated graphics (9400) and I can't make it even use a single 280M, let alone both.

Both of the 280M's are registering in the Device Manager as well as the Nvidia Control Panel, but I can't access them. The message says "SLI disabled" and will not change to the 280M's even when I click the "Maximize 3D performance. The system is running Windows 7 Ulitmate and is completely updated.

I have gone through several clean installs, enabled and disabled the hybrid graphics in the bios as well as enabled/disabled the PCI/Gen 2 option there as well - all of this to no avail.

Your Dell will only work properly with drivers from Dell's website as the components are custom-made for Dell which means only Dell has the correct drivers.

First of all, roll back the GeForce/Nvidia driver to the previous version by using Device Manager:

Open DM.
Double-click on the Nvidia or GeForce item under 'Display Adapters'.
Click on the 'Driver' tab.
Click on 'Roll back driver' button.

If everything then returns to normal, leave the driver alone, or check the Dell website for a newer version if you really can't resist updating it.

Provided an existing driver is working properly, it really doesn't matter how old it is. Updating a driver just because there is a newer version is not a sufficiently good reason to go ahead with it.

"If it aint broke, don't fix it!"


Aug 2, 2015
You could listen to that,
I have same laptop and have done like you used drivers not meant for it,
You should 1st confirm there is not hybrid graphic settings running in bios.
Same with integrated turn that stuff off and get back and try again.