News Snapdragon X Elite laptops could have a big advantage over the latest MacBooks


Feb 11, 2016
18,515 mentions Baldur's Gate 3 running at FPS at 1920x1080, and compares it to current gaming handhelds and to the GTX 1650.

While this will hardly rival a full gaming PC, that's basically the level I am looking for. Though I am mostly hoping for exceeding the performance of my old GTX 1050 Ti laptop while maintaining the advantage of fanless operation of my Surface Pro 7 (or at least very quiet operation). So there might be devices coming out of this, that are interesting to gamers, that have more requirements than "best possible graphics at a given budget".

Edit. Huh, just got the Veteran, Elder, and Ancient trophies all at once. Haven't posted in a while I guess?
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