Software for multi monitor setup


Jul 30, 2013
Hello everyone.

Im in need of some help:
-What i need is a software that will help me manage 4 monitors at a distance.
The monitors are all conected to a PC and the objective is to run information, pictures and videos across the monitors.

-They will all share the same thing.
Meaning: The monitor directly connect to the PC will send everything it dysplays to the other 3 monitors. (I have hardware that is spliting the signal)

What i need is a software that would allow me to rearange windows, or create mask so i can display multiple things.

I,E: I want to display a PDF document that uses a portion of the screen, and another document (word for say) takes another space.
In addition i would like to be able to transmit messages at specific times. (like they do in the news or similar, something that doesnt need to interrupt current viewing and display some text)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, or as any experience with this,
I would greatly apreciate the effort :)


Jul 5, 2010
I dont follow... if you want all 4 monitors to display the same primary screen, then what do you need software for?

if you want to be able to choose what is on what monitor, then thats an ENTIRELY different thing... and you should just buy an AMD eyefinity card
If you are just splitting the signals (as in a splitter not a multi monitor video card) you won't be able to change anything around because all that a splitter does is copy a single image multiple times. If you just want the same images to be on the monitor, you are OK with what you have.

As far as things moving around the screen, you just use windowed mode and move them around. You can setup a full screen presentation that basically looks like multiple windows moving around. A news ticker type program, There are probably others around.