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Feb 28, 2013
I'm running 5.1 sound with Realtek audio with an onboard Soundblaster card. I don't appear to have the option to get the realtek Graphic Equalizer in the realtek hd audio manager. On my work machine if I click 'Realtek HD audio manager' --> Sound Effects' --> then there is a icon 'change to graphic EQ'---- But on my machine I don't have that!!! So my question is: Is there a downloadable alternative option? I've googled around for them and looked for options. What is available? It would be really nice to be able to EQ each of the 6-channels discretely.

I'm currently trying I did even pay for it (cheap), but there is problems with it. It forces my audio to be at a certain bit rate... it is having a problem starting with windows and I'm working with their tech support on the issue, and it is not resolved yet. I'm not sure they know what they are doing. I think it is working. But I'm not sure the sound is working at 100% par.

I know there are many audiophiles that wouldn't touch an EQ. They would pay more money for a different set up first. I'm not interested in comments that will tell me to pay $$$$ for expensive overhalls to my equipment.

As far as realtek drivers. I have the latest that goes with my Dell Inspiron 560 - It is - Is it possible to go to the R2.70 variety? Probably not correct.


The only EQ is the EQ included with Windows Media Player, OR Realtek...
Unfortunately, there is no separate EQ for 6 channels. Computer audio systems are primitive and non-professional.
Someday, they may improve to a professional level.


Feb 28, 2013

Speaking of profoundsoundaudio - I have disabled it - I discovered it was knocking my bitrate down to 16bit, and I don't think it was sounding that great anyway. I have turned off all the sound processing. In realtek I had enabled 'loadness'. I turned that off too. I think it actually sounds better now.

...included with WMP--- Unfortunately I rarely use WMP, but usually I'm using WMC, Itunes, or VLC.

edit: I have a physical EQ for my front 2 channels, and I already have the 'loudness' button pressed on my receiver.

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