Solved! [Solved] Fan causes beeps and shutdown

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Nov 21, 2019
I am running into a strange issue with my laptop (Clevo P650RP). Whenever the fan gets to high speed, the computer starts emitting loud beeps, then shuts down. Alim led blinks orange.

It is not a overheating issue. The fast fan isn't a symptom, it appears to be the cause.

If the computer is cold, it seems to be running just fine. The second the fan starts to accelerate, either naturally or if I force the speed through the control center, beeping starts and a shutdown quickly follows, regardless of the core temp.

If I reset the fan speed to slow, beeping stops immediately.

Any suggestions ?
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It is possible that the fan, or its connection to the motherboard, is faulty, dust ridden, over over sensitive to the temps.

If the problem doesn't occur until the fan starts going faster, then I would first look at replacing the fan.
Nov 21, 2019
Is there any good way to isolate if it's the GPU dual fan or the CPU fan that is causing the issue ?
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You can try (if will work on your system) to run something like Speed Fan and see if it will let you know which fan is giving you the problems. If that one doesn't work, as it sometimes has issues with some laptops, then I would try one of the other temp monitoring softwares. They should be able to let you know which fan is having issues.
Nov 21, 2019
Ok so I solved the issue.
I disassembled and cleaned thouroughly the three fans, then reassembled, and the laptop appears to be working properly.

What I noticed is that the dust on the GPU fans wasn't regular dust accumulation, but more agglomerated in dense balls the size of a cherry seed. I imagine they were impeding the fan when it started going fast.
Not sure if it's that or simply dust on the connections that caused it.
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